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The Cory ultimate piano care kit comes with everything you need to keep your piano exterior looking like new! This complete maintenance system contains 4 oz. Key-Brite Key Cleaner to safely clean and protect your ivory, ebony and plastic keys; a 4 oz. bottle of your specific finish polish (high polish or satin finish); and machine washable Microfiber Cleaner and Polisher cloths, designed specifically to be used with, and maximize the effectiveness of, Cory products. Comes in 3 different kit options--a kit for high gloss piano, a kit for piano's with a satin finish, and a kit for lacquered finish pianos. You'll want to select the kit that matches your piano's finish.

Each kit comes with:

  • 4 oz bottle of Piano Polish (high gloss, satin finish, or all-brite for lacquered kit)
  • 4 oz. bottle of Key-Brite
  • Cleaning Cloth (washable)
  • Polishing Cloth (washable)

About Cory Products:

Manufactured in the United States, Cory Keyboard Products are the recognized standard in piano and keyboard maintenance worldwide. The Cory design team consists of leading chemists, piano and keyboard technicians, as well as wood specialists. Our products are user friendly and safe to use on all pianos and keyboards. Our complete line of piano and keyboard accessories are specifically chosen for their quality and value.

Piano Polish Descriptions:


Cleans, brightens and preserves all plastic, ivory and wood keyboards (even electric). Spray directly onto keys and gentlyw ipe them clean. It's completely safe on all surfaces and dissolves wax build-up.

Super High Gloss Polish (high polish piano kit):

Specially formulated to clean and protect high gloss polyester, polyurethane and lacquer finishes in one easy step. Use Super High Gloss Polish as often as desired to eliminate fingerprints, smudging and static that attracts dust. Helps restore high gloss luster.

Satin Sheen Polish (satin piano kit):

Satin Sheen is a Cleaner and Conditioner for all Satin finish pianos. Ordinary cleaners can leave a wax build up on your instrument. Satin Sheen's remarkable cleaning properties make maintaining difficult satin finishes easy. Use Satin Sheen to remove fingerprints, smudges or grime. Super Satin works on poly as well as lacquer surfaces. Nothing cleans the new polyester satin ebony better or easier. Simply apply directly to surface, rub in the direction of the grain, and buff off.

All-Brite Polish (lacquered piano kit):

A non-greasy, one step treatment designed to polish and preserve all fine lacquered instrument surfaces. All-Brite protects surfaces against drying and cracking. It's perfect for the lacquered wood finish. Use on pianos, organs, and benches.


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