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Adjustable Piano Chairs provide the back support and added comfort needed when practicing the piano. These practice chairs are great for those with bad backs, or who need the added lumbar support.
Adjustable Piano Chair with Diamond Tufted Padding
Adjustable Piano Chair Padded Back
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Adjustable Padded Piano Chair
Piano chair padded back adjustable lumbar support
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Adjustable Piano Chair - Wood Back
adjustable piano chair with wood back Yamaha
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Find the Perfect Piano Bench at Jansen Piano Benches

Making music is a thrilling and highly personal journey for many pianists with a passion for the art of playing. At Jansen Piano Bench, we believe that your comfort level at the keys should be just as much of a customized experience.
Since 1996, our family-run business has been delivering top-of-the-line piano benches and accessories to musicians across the U.S. and globe. While our benches have long provided a comfortable place to settle into at the piano, our customers often find the appeal and customized benefits of our piano chairs just as irresistible.

Differentiating Piano Chairs from Traditional Chairs

The ergonomic design of piano chairs makes them vastly different from standard models. Many piano chairs are designed to tilt forward enough to provide for lower back relief. This shape also helps pianists avoid back fatigue when long hours at the keys are required.

The quality of a performance at the piano often begins with proper alignment being reached between the pianist and the instrument. Adjustable piano chairs provide for a customized experience at the keys. This type of piano chair design guarantees musicians are always settled in at the right height and able to focus exclusively on the music.

Adjustable piano chairs also cater to pianos where a variety of musicians take to the keys each day. Instead of swapping out seating options, pianists can simply adjust the height of the chair as needed.

Piano Chairs also differentiate themselves from traditional chairs by having a back that is slightly angled about halfway up to encourage better posture while playing. From upholstered piano chairs to those that encourage proper alignment, time spent at the piano can be as comfortable as it is pleasing to the ear.

A Variety of Piano Chairs to Meet Customer Standards

At Jansen Piano Bench, we’re committed to providing the best of customized customer service standards. We’re proud to be able to offer our customers a wide variety of piano chairs that come in varying colors, styles, designs, material bases, and finishes.

A love of music may be a shared trait amongst pianists, but how musicians approach the keys is anything but standard. In light of this fact, we make sure to provide customers with piano chairs that come with a variety of customized features and accessories.

The variety within our products helps musicians tailor their performance experience according to both functional and aesthetic preferences. Whether the priority is on how a piano chair feels or how it looks, we have the inventory to match.

Some of our customers find that adjustable chairs are ideal for use with a variety of piano styles as they can easily be fit to the proper height requirements. Others find that diamond tuft upholstered piano chairs make for a more comfortable playing experience thanks to the extra thick cushion and inclusion of back padding.

Turn knobs on our adjustable padded piano chairs provide for those small adjustments that can make all the difference. The piano chairs we provide are designed to give musicians more control over their comfort level at all times.

The Advantages of Piano Chairs as Compared to Piano Benches

Whether you play the piano as a hobby or professionally, having the right seating option at the keys can make a significant impact on your performance. Investing in a proper piano chair can elevate the musical experience by delivering comfort and style simultaneously.

Unlike benches, many piano chairs are designed to include a sloped back. This allows musicians to easily lean into the keyboard at a more natural angle while playing.

Piano chairs are crafted to promote great posture through back support and strategic angling. Proper lumbar support can alleviate stress on the body, helping a pianist to focus solely on the music and often play for longer periods.

Comfortable piano benches are a viable option, but unlike piano chairs, they don’t often come with options to adjust the height. Adjustable piano chairs are particularly useful for households where the piano is shared among family members of varying heights.

For those who are dedicated to maintaining a rigorous piano practice schedule, a quality piano chair can offer physical relief and customized functions that make practice time smooth and simple. Through proper back support options and adjustable features, practice is sure to be more comfortable than ever before.

Finding the Adjustable Piano Chair to Meet Your Needs with Jansen Piano Bench

At Jansen Piano Bench, we carry a wide variety of adjustable piano chairs that come in a rainbow of color and style options. Our inventory is suitable for musicians that crave a proper fit at the keys and are looking to stay comfortable during practice and performances.

Our team of experts can quickly help you figure out which adjustable piano chair is right for the piano or organ you play. We know that proper seating can have a profound effect on how you play and are here to make sure you end up with the best product on the market.

A Customized Approach to Purchasing the Right Piano Chair

Sometimes, our customers come to us with specifications and requirements that are one-of-a-kind, and when this is the case, we’re happy to help! At Jansen Piano Bench we provide our customers with a customization process that allows you to pick and choose the features you need in a piano chair.

We know there are a lot of details to consider and are here to make the selection process stress-free and enjoyable. When you just can’t pinpoint the right option, our professional staff can walk you through a step-by-step process that will help you in finalizing your purchasing decision.

Whether it’s an upholstered top bench that fits your needs or an adjustable piano chair that checks every box on the list, our team is here to help guide your way to amazing and comfortable musical experiences. Our quality and customized products promise to be as satisfying as the music you set out to create.

Reach out today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you!