About Jansen Piano Benches & Stools

About Jansen Piano Benches & Stools

There are several piano bench manufacturers. But, the highest quality piano benches, artist benches, and piano stools are manufactured in the U.S. by Paul Jansen & Son.

In production for over 50 years, the outstanding quality of Jansen benches is backed by a full money-back guarantee, which also includes return shipping charges on Artist Benches. Our prices are GUARANTEED by Paul Jansen himself to be the lowest you will find anywhere. We have an established track record on the Internet, starting on the net in 1995, and with excellent products and service, we're still going strong, with over 4000 Jansen products sold!

Jansen Piano Benches have been the industry standard for half a century. Since Jansen invented the adjustable artist piano bench, our family-owned company has produced a varied and popular line of piano benches, piano stools, organ benches, and other piano accessories.

Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the past 50 years, Jansen has been contracted by the world's leading piano brands—including Steinway, Baldwin, and Yamaha—to design and build the most comfortable and versatile seating solutions for their pianos and keyboards. Our reputation relies on listening to what our customers need and responding with the highest-quality, most durable and dependable benches, seats and accessories made anywhere.
Jansen’s products are built to fit with all keyboard types and playing environments. Whether it’s a grand piano in a concert hall, an upright piano in a rehearsal studio, a family spinet in a living room or an electronic keyboard in an apartment, there’s a Jansen product that’s right for your situation.

Our piano benches, stools, and chairs are hand-crafted in our long-time Wisconsin factory, using top-quality materials including all American hardwood. Jansen management has deep experience in all aspects of the business, with particular expertise in piano teaching, performing, and sales. Our products cater to all skill levels, from children learning piano for the first time to virtuosos playing the world's most esteemed venues.

Jansen piano benches and products have defined quality, reliability, and affordability for decades. Whether it’s a grand piano bench, an upright piano stool, or our hydraulic variable height piano stool, we have the solution to your piano needs.

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Our Products

Jansen’s products are designed and constructed to provide the most comfortable experience for players of all ages and levels. Every item in our inventory, from benches and seats to caster cups and covers, is guaranteed for superior quality and performance.

- Piano Benches

Our selection of benches, chairs, and stools has something for all players, pianos, and budgets. Seat solutions like our adjustable artist piano benches and hydraulic variable height piano stool provide support and adaptability. Jansen’s upright piano stools and chairs offer the ease and flexibility for players at home or on the road. We also have keyboard and organ benches that suit the uniqueness of alternate playing environments.

The widest selection of quality piano seating

Jansen Piano Benches are acclaimed worldwide as some of the most innovative of their kind. Since our introduction of adjustable artist benches in 1971, music professionals have turned to us for our versatile collection of seating solutions. All Jensen products are made in-house, with decades of care, expertise and superior construction behind everything we make.

Jansen benches

Original Jansen piano benches are the most sought-after by the top piano manufacturers in the world, including Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, and the others. We produce each bench from our long-time facility in Wisconsin, using materials of the best quality and following the high standards we’ve had in place for half a century. Using a Jansen bench promises a lifetime of sturdy comfort, whether you play the largest concert halls or the confines of your living room. The Jansen brand on your bench is a mark of the highest quality.

Adjustable artist piano benches

Jansen was the company that introduced the adjustable artist piano bench back in 1971. Since then we’ve expanded and transformed that signature product into an array of adjustable seats that are perfect for a multitude of pianos and players. Jansen adjustable artist piano benches are made for both solo players and duets, with deluxe upholstered tops and the option for music storage under the seat. Choose from manually adjustable benches and chairs, or try our convenient, compact hydraulic variable height piano stool. Every adjustable bench we make is made according to your specifications in color, finish, leg type and length, and top style. Variety and versatility of adjustable piano benches are how we made our name, and it's still one of the main reasons professionals choose Jansen benches above all others.

Grand piano benches

The most luxurious musical instrument you can own always deserves the best accessories you can get, and Jansen's grand piano benches fit that description. Each bench is approximately 19 inches high and produced with durable maple hardwood. You can choose a bench with a smooth-finished wood top or a comfortable, upholstered cushion. Our house-produced grand piano benches also feature full-sized music storage under the seat. Like all the benches we sell, our grand piano benches are manufactured according to your direction. We make a grand piano bench for every need and budget, but whatever price you pay, you’ll get a fully warrantied, prime quality seat that’s worthy of your piano.

Upholstered top piano benches

For those who spend extended periods sitting at their piano, Jansen’s upholstered top piano benches are ideal choices for comfort and support. Made from strong maple hardwood and featuring music storage compartments, these benches are built for years of day-in, day-out reliability. Every bench is customized to your specifications in color, leg style, black or brown vinyl, and satin or high-polish finish. Whether you play a grand or upright, or an organ or keyboard, we tailor-make an upholstered piano bench that’s perfect for your needs.

Wood top piano benches

Jansen’s wood top benches are the models of simplicity and sophistication. We use high-quality, American maple hardwood and sturdy brass fittings on each wood top bench we make. Our grand piano, upright and school-style benches come in your choice of black, walnut, mahogany or red mahogany, with your choice of five different leg styles. For streamlined appearance and study support, a Jansen wood top piano bench is the superior choice.

Piano chairs

Jansen offers a complete line of chairs for practicing pianists who need back support, without sacrificing any of the style or adaptability of our benches. Our piano chairs are fully adjustable and come with either smooth or diamond-tufted padding in a variety of colors and finishes. For those who love to play for a long time but need the added convenience of lumbar support, Jansen piano chairs are a practical and cost-effective solution.

Piano stools

Our adjustable upright piano stools might convey an image of casual fun, but in terms of construction quality and reliability, they're every bit the equal of the other bench styles we make. With hard maple construction, a wide selection of finishes, upholstered or wood tops and design flourishes like brass claw feet and smooth seat rotation, these stools earn the right to bear the Jansen name. They’re the top piano stools on the market.

Keyboard benches

Made for the latest generation of electronic keyboards and digital pianos, Jansen’s keyboard benches are customizable upgrades from the unsightly metal-based stools typically used with smaller instruments.  Our digital piano keyboard bench uses the same hardwood maple construction of our traditional piano benches, with your choice of upholstered or wood finish and several colors, including white and ivory. An affordable solution for touring keyboardists and those with limited space, our keyboard bench meets the same high standards Jansen has set for half a century.

- Piano Accessories

Jansen makes and sells equipment that enhances the appearance, condition, and durability of your piano, from seat cushions, lamps, pedals and tuners to wheels, caster cups and piano covers. We also have a full lineup of care products, including lubricants, polishers and replacement legs, that make regular maintenance simple.

A complete lineup of piano accessories and maintenance items

The piano is usually the centerpiece of whatever room or stage it occupies. But when it comes to daily care and occasional maintenance, it’s often taken for granted and left alone. In addition to the best piano benches in the world, Jansen offers a complete line of products that make it easy to accessorize, preserve and repair your piano so it can provide years of playing and entertainment:

  • Piano bench cushions. Give your wood-top bench additional comfort and style with our full-length or booster-size cushions, available in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Caster cups. Secure your surfaces and walls with caster cups that prevent your piano from rolling and help buffer the weight of your piano atop your floor.
  • Covers. Protect your piano from dust and the elements during long idle periods, or keep the piano in your concert hall, church or nightclub from with our piano covers, made from vinyl, nylon or cotton.
  • Locks. Our selection of locks, clamps, and keys keep your grand or upright piano from unwanted use.
  • Lamps. Improve your focus on sheet music with our stylish, discreet piano and floor lamps. We offer a huge selection of LED and regular light bulb lamps, from clip-ons to heavy brass bases.
  • Pedals and platforms. Jansen carries a complete lineup of pedals for upright and grand pianos, each in complete sets of three. Our platforms help make pedals easily reachable for children learning the instrument.
  • Wheels, dollies and moving equipment. For pianos that often from place to place, we offer rubber, brass and cast-iron wheels to replace your casters. For grands and uprights that move more frequently—such as those in schools, churches or large rehearsal halls—Jansen has heavy-duty dollies, lifting bars and securing straps.
  • Cabinet rubber buttons. Protect your piano from damage by closing cabinets or grand piano lids with rubber buttons in various colors.
  • Tuning supplies. Jansen carries tuning forks, levers, voicing tools, and tuning kits containing multiple items.
  • Hardware and replacement parts. We offer bench repair kits, replacement legs, supports and hinges, and replacement knobs for Jansen adjustable benches.
  • Care products. Jansen has all the materials you need for daily upkeep and repair of your piano, including scratch removal kits, cleaners, and polishers, dusters, key cleaners, conditioners, polishing cloths, lubricants, humidifier treatment, and more.