Complete selection of piano benches, stools, and chairs

More than almost any other musical instrumentalist, the pianist needs to pay particular attention to their seating position. How you sit has a vital role in how you play. The pianist needs a seat that offers comfort and support for range and movement—as well as one that suits their playing environment.

Jansen carries a broad variety of seating options for all keyboard players—from concert pianists and stage performers to home players and students. Every bench, stool, and chair we sell helps you perform or learn in the most effective way possible while supporting proper positioning and comfort while you play.

Our piano benches come in sizes that accommodate solo players and duets, or that seat both student and teacher with space to spare. They also come in a variety of finishes or upholstered tops, whether you’re looking for a flat wood surface or the added comfort of a vinyl-covered, pillow-top cushion.

Most of Jansen’s piano stools and chairs come with adjustable seats for proper height positioning, using either a hand-turned, rotating dial or a set of hydraulic levers. These benches make it easy to keep the proper height and position for hours of practice or performing.

Jansen has a seating solution for a wide range of budgets, whether you can spend a couple hundred dollars or close to a thousand. We also carry all the accessories you need to maintain proper care of your piano bench or chair, including caster cups, cushions, covers, and replacement parts or legs.

Our piano benches are perfect for every type of piano—from uprights and spinets to grands and baby grands. We also carry organ benches and portable seating for stage performers and electronic keyboard players and can even meet the needs of church organists or harpists with specific seating requirements.

Key features of Jansen's piano stools, benches, and chairs

Every piano player is different. The piano itself is a versatile instrument that’s played in thousands of ways and styles in a variety of environments. Whatever features you need from a piano or keyboard bench, Jansen’s inventory has something that will work for you.

  • Double-wide artist benches. Though they’re perfectly fine for solo performers, duet benches are built to seat two players at once. That makes them solid choices for piano teachers who sit next to their students, or any two players at the same piano.
  • Adjustable artist benches. For more advanced pianists, adjustable piano seats make it easier to maintain a consistent and proper height, which directly relates to better and easier playing for more demanding pieces. An adjustable bench is also the solution for families with more than one pianist in the house—every player can change their seating height as they require.
  • Piano chairs. With their supportive backing, piano chairs are often the ideal option for those spending long hours practicing at the piano. The top third of the back rest on the chair angles back slightly, providing lumbar support (making this a very popular choice for those with a bad back, who can't sit long on a piano bench).
  • Portable benches. Keyboardists who play in a variety of clubs or concert halls, especially those in groups, often prefer lightweight, adjustable benches that are easy to move and take up less space. Portable benches are also an idea for players in smaller living spaces.

Many other considerations go into the making of piano seats. Some benches have storage room for sheet music or light supplies; some have pillow-top cushioning for added comfort and support; some are adjustable with a turning wheel, while a hydraulic variable height piano stool works with twin levers. Distinctive styles may be needed for keyboardists who play organs or electronic instruments. Jansen's products cater to players of all levels and kinds.


Benefits of a proper-fitting piano bench or stool

The piano is still most people's entry point to playing music. Even though it's relatively simple to understand, it's still challenging to master. Playing piano well relies on many individual abilities and techniques—and the proper seat goes a long way in developing good playing practices, habits, and styles.

  1. Maintains good posture and poise. Piano players need as much comfort as they can get, but having a durable base of support for the body is the most important facet of a quality piano bench. A seat that’s too soft can make it harder to execute arm and body movements that advanced players need to make. A chair with a back that reclines too far back forces the player to make physical and mental adjustments to move properly.
  2. Positions the player at the proper height. Height is the most important physical factor in determining the proper playing position. An adjustable artist piano stool makes it easier for the player to adapt to the angles and positions that help them see and reach a broader range of the piano keys. This has a profound impact on learning the instrument.
  3. Allows for longer practicing. If what the player sits upon is more comfortable and supportive, they’ll find it easier to have extended practice sessions to build or refine their skills.
  4. Well-built piano benches last a long time. Replacing a piano bench isn’t as simple as replacing a kitchen chair, or even a piece of living room furniture. They’re built differently with a more specific purpose in mind. So the best piano benches and stools are built to last—they can withstand years of use from piano players of all ages, sizes, and styles.
  5. Can be used by other players of large instruments. It may be built for a piano, but an adjustable artist piano bench can also be used by harpists, percussionists, or others who need support while playing oversized instruments.

Whether you’re beginning to learn, are building your skills, or play regularly in front of audiences, the benefits of having a good piano bench, stool or chair are too significant to overlook. Jansen Piano Benches is in the business of making pianists better, and we carry benches that keep them comfortable and focused. We can help find one that’s right for you.