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The Jansen digital grand piano covers are manufactured in the United States, and available in vinyl or mackintosh fabric options. When ordering, please provide the make and model of your digital grand (for example: Yamaha CLP-795GP). The covers are custom made upon your order, using the templates we have on file. If we do not have a pattern to match your piano, we would need a tracing of the top of your instrument. Feel free to email us to verify if we have a template of your digital grand.

Fabric Options: Mackintosh or Vinyl Fabric


Vinyl piano covers are made with a soft underlining that resembles a flannel/fleece jacket or shirt. The colors are black and brown and they provide a supple leather-like appearance. Vinyl is very easy to wipe clean when they get wet, is lightweight which allows our customers to easily remove and place back on the piano, and is easily cleaned by using either a damp cloth or by vacuuming. If your piano is in a highly visible and trafficked area place, vinyl tends to be the best fabric for your piano cover.

jansen vinyl piano cover material brown and black sample



Mackintosh is a tight weaved material, known as a "waterproof drill cloth" bonded to the soft lining. It is constructed of a 5 oz. woven poly exterior that is bonded to a 7 oz. white non woven interior. Essentially, the covers are made with two separate materials that are joined together offering excellent protection for the piano. Mackintosh is a durable and attractive material, and a popular choice for use in homes.

In general, mackintosh is considered the warmer, more attractive fabric, and vinyl is popular for its durability and how easy it is to clean--making it ideal for schools, churches, restaurants, etc.

jansen piano cover brown mackintosh black mackintosh

Consider the following:
  • Anything spilled on vinyl can be easily cleaned. Vinyl will not absorb (within reason) and will not stain. Vinyl can be dusted easily, wiped with a damp cloth, or vacuumed. Vinyl is your friend.
  • Anything spilled on mackintosh will be absorbed if not quickly blotted. As a thick tough fabric, there is a weave so dusting with a duster is difficult, a wet cloth will not work for cleaning. If a child were to take a crayon to mackintosh, good luck! Vacuuming is the only effective means of cleaning.


We are happy to offer free shipping on our piano covers to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote.