Jansen Adjustable Lift Mechanism

Jansen Adjustable Piano Benches feature the patented silent, solid steel "Micro-A-Just" close-tolerance lift mechanism. Refined over the past 60 years, it features precision, durability and convenient height adjustment from 18" to 21"--simply turn the knobs on the side of the bench to adjust the height. Made of solid steel and manufactured in the Jansen factory in Wisconsin, it is the highest quality adjustment mechanism available in any bench, and makes the Jansen artist bench the only piano bench that will hold up to heavy usage and frequent adjustments.

This is the bench you'll find in university practice rooms, concert halls, schools, churches, and as a favorite of piano teachers. Furthermore, replacement parts are available, so if years from now you begin to feel any wobble in the bench, a new set of bushings and shoulder bolts will have your mechanism back to new.

The mechanism also comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.


jansen adjustable piano bench mechanism





The Competition's Mechanism:

Below we have pictured the mechanism from what we consider the highest quality Chinese imported piano bench available (remember that Jansen is the last American manufacturer of piano benches, and all other benches on the market now come from China). It uses a dual scissor lift mechanism with 3/4" screw drive. The difference in quality quickly becomes apparent.



Finally, here is a picture of the mechanism from one of the inexpensive $180.00 Chinese adjustable benches.