Jansen Piano Bench Finish Options

Looking for which color finish piano bench to get? The below picture shows the American made Jansen piano benches in the standard mahogany, walnut and ebony (black) finishes. As you can see, walnut is a flat brown, whereas mahogany is brown with red tones to it. Red Mahogany is available as a custom order, but please note the red mahogany finish has very strong red and purple tones to it.

Red Mahogany pianos do exist, but they are very rare (we only sell a few of these benches per year). Also keep in mind if one is going to be brighter and more red than the other, it's best to have the piano be the dominant object (when you walk into a room, you want your eye drawn to the beautiful piano, not a bench that is sticking out).

If you would like clarification on your piano's finish, please email us some pictures and we will be happy to give our recommendation.


jansen piano bench color options walnut mahogany black






Walnut Finish

walnut piano bench by Jansen



Mahogany Finish

mahogany finish jansen piano bench upholstered top


Black (Ebony) Finish