Jansen Piano Bench Leg Styles

The Jansen adjustable piano benches are available in nine different leg style options. Spade and square tapered are the most popular piano options, but we recommend getting the leg style that closest matches the legs of your piano. Choose between J1: Round Turned, J2: Brass Ferrule, J3: Spade, J4: Square Tapered, J5: Queen Anne, J6: Steinway Colonial, J7: Louis XV, J8: Fluted, and J9: Octagonal. View examples of the leg style options below, pictured unfinished with no stain. Please also note if your piano's legs have a more ornate design, with do have a couple of leg style options not listed below (such as the "ice cream cone" leg style design).

J1: Round Turned Legs

J1 Round Turned Leg


J2: Brass Ferrule Legs

J2 Brass Ferrule Legs


J3: Spade Legs

j3 spade leg style


J4: Square Tapered Legs


J5: Queen Anne Legs

J5 Queen Anne Legs


J6: Steinway Colonial Legs

J6 Steinway Colonial Piano Bench Leg

J7: Louis XV Legs

J7 Louis XV Legs
J7 Louis XV Piano Bench Leg
jansen piano bench j7 louis xv leg

J8: Round Fluted Legs

J8 round fluted leg

J9: Octagonal Legs

J9 octagonal leg

All Leg Style Options:

jansen adjustable piano bench leg choices