Black LED Piano Lamp Light with 5 Lighting Modes

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This customizable LED piano lamp allows the pianist to choose between 10 different brightness levels, as well as to adjust the light color between 3000K (warm) to 6500K (cold).

Made of metal, the lamp measures 14.5" tall, with a 6" wide base, which is lined on the bottom with textured rubber to protect the finish of your piano. The shade is 15.5" long, with the light bar being 8". The lamp shade rotates from 0 degrees to 135 degrees, letting the player adjust the angle of lamp to find their optimal lighting.

Touch Operated Controls:

The lamp is touch operated, with the controls on its 6" wide base. To turn the lamp on, tap the power button. To adjust the brightness, press the cascading circle buttons to the right of the power button--you can also hold down and swipe right or left to adjust the brightness.

5 Lighting Modes:

This lamp offers five different color temperature options: 3000K, 3600K, 4200K, 5200K, and 6500K. As a general reference, the lower numbers provide a warmer color light, the middle numbers would be a natural white light/daylight, and 6500K is a cooler light (with more of a blue tint to it, as opposed to the warmer yellow tint of the 3000k). To change the temperature mode, hold down the power button on the base for three seconds. 

Multiple Power Options:

One advantage of this LED piano lamp is its power supply options, as it can both plug into an electrical outlet like a standard lamp, or run off a USB power source via the cable. As pictured, it has a USB wall plug. This means that the cord running from the lamp has the end as a USB plug. This plugs into the included wall adapter, and you then plug it into your electrical outlet like you would any lamp. You could however, choose to plug the USB cord into an alternative USB power source, and run the lamp this way. The idea behind this is that many pianos in public settings such as churches, schools, recitals, etc., aren't near an electrical outlet--and you can't run an extension cord up to the piano. Therefore, you can plug the lamp into a USB power hub--those small, portable, USB chargeable battery packs, and run the lamp from anywhere.

Free Shipping:

We are happy to offer free shipping on all piano lamps to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote.