Darnell Dual Wheel Upright Piano Casters With Ball Bearings In Wheels

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These top-of-the-line Darnell dual rubber piano wheel casters are equipped with four sided double ball raceways, that feature ball bearings in the wheels for easier rolling. For heavier upright pianos, these are the best option on the market (both in supporting the most weight, and in ease of transport).

The piano wheel diameter is 2", with a wheel width of 3/4". Casters come with removable cast-iron sockets with 4 screw holes.

Cast-Iron Socket Measurements:
Outer Diameter of Stem: 15/16"
Inner-Diameter of Stem: 1/2"
Height; 1-5/16"
Screw Space: 1-3/16" (Shortest) 1-11/16" (Farthest)
Track Plate Thickness: 1/4"

Sold in a set of 4 piano casters.

Rubber Material Options:

The rubber wheels on these casters are available in two different rubber options.

1). The standard wheels are made of a "High Capacity Neoprene" material. Each individual wheel has a load capacity of 200 lbs (therefore four wheels will support a 800 lbs piano).

2). For the heaviest uprights, these casters are available in a "Hard Rubber" material, with each wheel supporting 230 lbs (920 lbs total for the four wheels combined). This is the most weight supported by any of the rubber wheel piano caster options.

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