Grand Piano Leg Dollies - Round Or Square

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In stock and ready to ship, these imported grand piano leg dollies are made of cast iron, and sold in a set of three. Available in a round or square design (for round and square shaped piano legs), these dollies are quickly mounted to your grand piano, for fast and easy movement.

  • Center Pin Height: 1 3/4" (Removable)
  • Diameter of Pin: 1/2"
  • Inside Diameter: 4 1/4"
  • Overall Height 4 5/8"


When to use piano leg dollies:

Piano leg dollies are designed to move pianos smaller than 6 feet, short distances, over hard surface floors. They cannot offer the durability and stability of the larger grand piano dollies, which is what you would want for moving heavy pianos, longer distances, or across thick carpet. Popular use of these leg dollies include moving your piano across the room to clean, or if you're getting new flooring installed. They would not be recommended in settings like churches or schools.

Free Shipping:

We are happy to offer free UPS shipping on all piano dollies and moving equipment to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote.