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This imported hydraulic adjustable piano bench comes in a black finish with a premium black vinyl upholstered top. Thick foam padding makes for a comfortable playing experience. Also a great option for keyboards, digital grands, and uprights. The compact design is great for smaller spaces, those with children needing to easily move the bench, and those needing a more mobile piano stool.

  • Padded vinyl upholstered top measures 19.5" x 12"
  • Bench adjusts in height from 17" to 23", giving it a wider than normal adjustment range (standard benches adjust in height from 18" to 21").
  • Easily adjusts via lever underneath the seat.


Our review of the hydraulic bench:

This hydraulic bench is a good choice for those who frequently adjust the height of the bench, or for those who need a shorter or larger bench height than typical adjustable benches. The vinyl top is durable and comfortable, and the bench comes with good foam padding. Hydraulic benches are lighter and more compact that your typical adjustable piano bench, not having the heavy adjustment mechanisms and large upholstered tops, which can be both a positive and negative depending on who is using it. Children and some adults may appreciate its ease of use and ability to move it, and those that do not have a lot of space can benefit from the design of a hydraulic bench. Larger adults however, may find the smaller design of the bench to be a bit too small and unstable--especially on thick, soft carpet (the concern being if you're rocking back and forth on plush carpet, it could lift the back of the bench up a bit as you lean forward and the front part of the bench sinks into the carpet. The four legs of a typical piano bench do a better job displacing the weight evenly).


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