Impact Piano Tuning Lever with Adjustable Sliding Weight

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This impact piano tuning hammer is a professional grade tool manufactured in the United States. The adjustable weight allows for easy and precise actions. The lever weighs 21 ounces and is 11 inches in length. The tuning head and tip length is 3-3/4". The perfect piano tuning tool for upright pianos.

Sliding Weight Adjustment:

This tuning lever has an eight position sliding weight adjustment that helps regulate the impact during tuning, giving the technician more control while using the lever. The hammer works where, the further out you have the weight, the more force you will have turning the pin--thus, for tighter pins, you'll want the weight move towards the end of the handle. If the pin is loose, you will want to move the weight closer to the head of the tuning hammer (if not, the weight may move the tuning pin too much).

Star Tip:

The tool uses a star end tip, which fits square heads. Using a star shaped design over the square design, allows the user to access the piano pins from different angles.

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