Jansen Grand Piano Cover Extra Thick Black Cotton Padded

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These Jansen grand piano covers are constructed of heavy-duty close-weave duck, padded with cotton filling. They are flannel lined and quilted in 4" squares with nylon thread. The color of the piano cover is black. Manufactured in the United States.

These are the grand piano covers you see in colleges, recital halls, upscale hotels, or anywhere where maximum protection is needed. Very functional for instruments that are subject to frequent moving, being pushed against a wall, having chairs piled on top, stuff leaned against the piano, or other such abuse. Regardless of what you may have read elsewhere, these are NOT water proof, but will repel water for awhile.

Locking Straps:

Locking straps ensure that the cover will stay in place and will act as a preventative barrier to people wanting to remove the cover to play with the piano. Many schools, churches and hotels add the locking straps to their order to be sure their piano is kept safe and secure.

Side Slits:

Side slits allow you to play the piano without having to take off the entire cover. The slits are located above each of the front legs of the piano, and create a point where you can easily flip over the front of the piano cover and play the piano. A very popular addition.

Measuring Your Piano:

When measuring your piano, you want the longest possible measurement, including the piano keys--so you measure from the very front of the keyboard to the tail end of your piano.

Piano Templates:

We have templates for most of the more popular piano makes and models (such as Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, etc.). If you let us know which piano you have, we can verify if we have a template or not. If we do not have a template, you can either submit a paper template of the top of your piano (we'll provide instructions), and the seamstress can custom make a proper fitting cover. Or you can order a generic size template, though we cannot guarantee how well the seems will line up on the curves of the piano.


We are happy to offer free shipping on our piano covers to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote.