Jansen Grand Piano Cover Quilted Black Nylon

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Manufactured by Jansen in the United States, these are our most popular and attractive piano covers, and great for both home use and for locations where the piano is in public view. Lighter weight than our standard padded piano covers made out of vinyl or mackintosh, these grand piano covers are constructed of lightweight nylon, with polyester filling and lining, and it is quilted in 4" squares. The color of the cover is black. The nylon is shiny, the padding is lightweight, and people tend to not put their drinks on the quilted cover. In general, the quilted nylon covers are considered the most attractive of the cover options.

If you have any questions regarding a cover for your piano, please email brandon@jansenpianobenches.com

Locking Straps:

Locking straps ensure that the cover will stay in place and will act as a preventative barrier to people wanting to remove the cover to play with the piano. Many schools, churches and hotels add the locking straps to their order to be sure their piano is kept safe and secure.

Side Slits:

Side slits allow you to flip open the piano cover and play, without having to completely remove the cover. The slits go above the front legs on each side of the piano, allowing you to fold up the front part of the cover, exposing the keyboard.

Piano Manufacturer and Model Information:

In order for our seamstress to make an exact fitting cover for your specific piano, please type in the brand of your piano along with the model in the final box provided in the ordering menu above--it's the blank box right below the piano locking strap drop down menu button (Example: Steinway Model B).

How to measure your piano:

When measuring your piano, you want the longest possible measurement for the length, which means you include the piano keys. Please measure from the very front of the keyboard, all the way back to the farthest end of the piano.


We are happy to offer free shipping on our piano covers to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote.