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The Jansen Grand Piano Dolly, also known as a Spider Dolly, is manufactured in the USA of 1/2" thick steel, with wider and heavier steel parts than any other dolly (shipping weight of 118 lbs to 154 lbs.). Equipped with 5" diameter, 2" wide casters.

Known as a "spider dolly," this is the safest option for moving your piano, especially over long distances, thick carpet or when using non-professional movers. The three brackets which connect the grand piano legs together, prevents any possibility of a leg getting caught and falling off while moving (something that could happen with just individual single leg dollies, damaging the piano and the individual). It is what is recommended for churches, schools, universities, home use etc. The piano can permanently stay on the spider dolly, allowing for frequent and easy movement long distances--making it great for concert halls and schools.

After ordering, please let us know the make, model and exact size of the piano you will be using the dolly with. Shipping likes to make sure the correct dolly was selected and no adjustments need to be made, before sending out the large boxes.

It is recommended dollies over 7’0” have 3 locking casters. For schools purchasing piano dollies, we also recommend you get the locking caster option.

Piano Size Dolly Options

J-6542 - Small - for Grand Pianos 4'8" to 5'11"

J-6543 - Medium - for Grand Pianos 6' to 7'6"

J-6544 - Large - for Concert Grand Pianos

Note: Models 6542, 6543 & 6544 will accommodate pianos with 1-1/2" casters.

One year parts warranty.

Piano Brand Size Exceptions:

Because of the way the legs are situated on the 6' & 6'1" Yamaha, Young Chang, Kawai & Samick grand pianos, please order the #J-6542 Small Dolly for pianos 4'8 to 5'11".

If you are not sure which dolly to get, please feel free to email us, including the size and brand of your piano.

Free Shipping:

We are happy to offer free UPS shipping on all piano dollies and moving equipment to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote.