Jansen Heavy Duty Upright Piano Dollies J4010

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The J-4010 Jansen heavy duty upright piano dollies are designed to easily move your heavy studio and upright pianos. Equipped with 5" ball bearing casters, the heavy-duty frame construction gives years of trouble-free service. Manufactured in the United States by Jansen, these are the highest quality dollies on the market, and perfect for schools, churches, concert halls, and home use. The large 5" rubber wheels make moving the piano much easier--including over bumpy surfaces and carpet.

Sold as a set of two.

A unique feature of these Upright Dollies is that the wheels are bolted onto the frame instead of being welded--this allows the wheels to be changed in the future, if ever required.

We recommend the locking wheel option for pianos in high traffic areas, such as schools or churches. If you have a heavier upright piano, such as a Yamaha U1, U2 or U3, you will need these larger dollies (the smaller J4009 dollies won't be able to safely support the weight and easily transport your piano).

Please note we will need the make and model of your upright piano, as manufacturing likes to verify the correct dolly was selected and that no modifications need to be made to the vertical piano dollies. The third box from the above menus allows you to type in your piano's make and model.

Upright Piano Dollies Model J4010 Features:

- Requires 36" doorway to exit
- Projects piano 7" away from the wall
- 5" casters roll over carpet and thresholds
- Locking wheels available at additional cost
- Only raises piano 3/4" off the floor
- Accommodates pianos up to 14" in depth
- Shipping weight 45 lbs

Size Options:

The standard model J-4010 upright dolly accommodates pianos up to 14" in width. If you have a larger upright piano, the J4010-W dolly will fit pianos up to 16.5" in width.

Secure the Piano to the Dollies:

If the piano will be staying on the dolly permanently, and you are looking for additional safety and stability (for example in a school/church), Jansen allows you the option of securing the piano to the dollies. There are four holes on the back, and two holes on the bottom of the dolly, and the user can attach the piano to the dolly via lag bolts, wood screws, or bolts. Note you would be attaching the rear of the piano to the dolly, not the front.

Free Shipping:

We are happy to offer free UPS shipping on all piano dollies and moving equipment to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote.