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Our Jansen Upright Piano Bench with Upholstered Top is the highest quality padded top upright piano bench manufactured in the United States. Made of solid maple hardwood from the East Coast (known for its beautiful wood grain), the upholstered top is made of the highest-end, furniture grade vinyl (unlike many of the inexpensive imported benches, we use a thick vinyl, which will not quickly crack or rip. You'd be amazed at how easy these imports get a small tear in their thin vinyl).

Supported with heavy duty brass hardware, the Jansen piano bench features a routed in music compartment--compared to most of the foreign imported benches, which only staple in their music compartments. By doing this, the wood bottom not only offers a sturdy surface for the heaviest music books, it also acts as structural reinforcement for the entire bench. The depth of the sheet music storage area is 2-3/4".

In business for over 60 years, Jansen prides itself in using the highest quality craftsmanship and products available--from wood, to upholstery material, to the brass hardware. The "Cadillac of piano benches," we have ensured for decades that we are the best piano bench manufacturer in the world, bar-none. And as such, high-end piano manufacturers contract out to us specifically to supply benches for their pianos.

Upright Piano Bench Measurements:

  • 14" x 29" , height = 19" or 20" (depending on the leg style chosen--see leg images below)


Piano Bench Leg Style Options:


jansen upright piano bench leg style options


Jansen Piano Benches vs. Chinese Imports

As imports become more available, the importance of quality becomes more evident. At Jansen, we hear numerous stories from our customers, who bought a cheaper, imported piano bench, only to be disappointed with the quality and have the bench last for a couple of months. Typically using a lacquered finish, the Chinese imports finish is so thin, that it rubs off when being dragged on the floor during assembly, or if it is scrubbed hard during cleaning. Large Chips on common as well, especially in their thick clear coats. The inferior wood quality makes them light weight, leading the benches to break down quickly, and you can expect the benches to begin to wobble after a period of time. Additionally, the quality of the wood is import aesthetically. Jansen benches use American/Canadian hardwoods, known for their beautiful, tight grains. When you take a look at imported piano benches in a mahogany or walnut finish, you will notice the wood grain is far apart and often circular. If you're getting a walnut or mahogany piano bench where grain pattern is particularly noticeable , you will definitely want to go with one made from a North American Hardwood. In sum, with all the nightmare stories we hear from people with imported and inexpensive piano benches, we believe that it is worth every penny to get an American made product, that uses the highest quality woods, finishes and craftsmanship. You will not be disappointed.

Free Shipping:

Shipping on all of our Jansen piano benches to the continental United States is free. To our Alaska, Hawaii, and international shoppers, please email us for a shipping quote (including your location and the item you are looking at).