Sound Dampening Piano Caster Cups 6" - Premium Rubber

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A common question is, "how do I make my piano quieter?" Whether you're in an apartment, on a second story, or just find the piano a bit too loud in your living room, one option that can help is adding piano caster cups. In particular, these large, heavy duty 6" tiered piano caster cups, are designed to help dampen the sound of your piano. They are made out of a premium quality rubber (styrene-butadiene rubber), which will help with the sound and vibrations running down the piano legs.

These are large caster cups--with a 6" outer diameter, 2-3/4" inner diameter, and overall height of 1-3/4". The depth of the cup is 3/4", meaning that these will raise your piano approximately 1". That 1" thickness helps dampen the sound, as most caster cups are typically around 1/2" thick between the floor and the bottom of the inner cup. Do keep the adjustment height in mind though, especially if you do not have an adjustable bench that can go up higher, as the 1" height increase may take you out of your desired playing height. With regards to the width--these cups are extra wide at 6", as it helps disperse the sound over a larger area.

Each cup weighs approximately 1 lbs 8 oz, making them heavier than your standard wood caster cup (which would weigh around 12-15 ounces). The bottom of the cup is felt lined to protect your floor.

Note another option to help decrease sound is to add a piano cover with side slits (the side slit option allows you to flip up the front of the piano cover and play, without having to take the entire cover off). You can find the piano covers on our website, with the "extra thick cotton padded" cover offering the most in terms of sound dampening.


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