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5" Jansen Satin Grand Piano Caster Cups

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These Jansen hardwood, satin finish piano caster cups are made of solid maple, and measure 5 inches in diameter, with an inside diameter of 3-1/2 inches. Hard to find, these cups offer the best in floor protection, and are the perfect aesthetic accessory for your piano; simply put, these are the nicest satin finish caster cups we have come across (especially with regards to the grain of the wood and quality of the finish).

Our hardwood piano caster cups are manufactured in the United States in the Jansen factory--using the same high-quality woods, finishes, and attention to detail that go into the world-renowned Jansen piano benches. These piano caster cups use superior hardwood from the East Coast of the United States and are finished with a professional, furniture-quality stain.

When choosing a caster cup, the most important factor is the quality of the wood. Not only does a smaller wood grain look better, it also takes a stain better (certain types of woods also take a stain better as well). That is why American and Canadian hardwoods are the best choice for both caster cups and piano benches. This is especially true if you are getting a mahogany or walnut caster cup, where you see the actual wood grain in the Jansen cups--you will not see the grain in the sprayed-on, thick solid finishes of the imported Chinese caster cups.

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Satin Walnut Piano Caster Cups


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