Piano Bench Wood Top with Reinforcement Crossbar

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This imported piano bench is a heavy-duty wood top piano bench, designed with a reinforcement crossbar, for extra stability and durability. Features a full-size sheet music storage compartment, measuring 2-3/8" deep. The bottom of the music compartment is routed in for additional strength. The bench is 19.25" tall, and measures 29.75" (wide) x 14.5" (length).

Made of 100% hardwood construction. The crossbar prolongs the life of the bench, as it helps secure the legs in place. When playing, a person rocks back and forth, slowly loosening the legs and bringing them out of alignment. The cross-bar secures the legs in place and evenly disperses the weight, making the piano bench overall a much more study structure. The bench is a good option for piano teachers, schools, churches, home use, or anywhere a heavier-duty bench is needed.

Heavy-Duty Piano Bench Key Features:

Reinforced Stability and Improved Weight Distribution:

  • Features a sturdy reinforcement crossbar designed to provide extra stability and prolong the life of the bench.
  • Crossbar ensures legs stay secure and evenly disperses weight, preventing loosening and misalignment (rocking back and forth on the bench when playing will slowly loosen the legs-- the crossbar design ensures that weight is evenly distributed, reducing stress on individual legs and helping to prevent wobbling).
  • Supports more weight than a standard bench without the crossbar. 
  • Suitable for any environment that requires a robust and reliable piano bench, including piano teachers, schools, churches, and home use.

Ample Sheet Music Storage:

  • Includes a full-size sheet music storage compartment measuring 2-3/8" deep.
  • The bottom of the storage compartment is routed in for added strength and durability, keeping your sheet music organized and within easy reach.

Premium Hardwood Construction:

  • Crafted from 100% high-quality hardwood birch for durability and longevity.
  • Designed to withstand the demands of regular use, making it an ideal choice for both professional and home environments.


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