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Introducing our Piano Bench Cushion with Memory Foam, the perfect accessory to elevate your playing experience. Crafted with comfort and durability in mind, this cushion is designed to provide optimal support and comfort during your practice sessions or performances.

At a generous 2.5 inches thick, our piano bench pad strikes the ideal balance between plush comfort and reliable stability. It consists of a carefully engineered combination of standard foam padding and premium memory foam, making it the ultimate solution for pianists seeking both cushioning and resilience.

The cushion's construction begins with 1.75 inches of high-quality standard foam padding (this is the same foam padding we use in our other cushions). This layer provides a sturdy, comfortable, and supportive foundation.

The crowning feature of our Piano Bench Cushion is the top 0.75 inches, exclusively made of memory foam. The memory foam layer conforms to the contours of your body, providing personalized comfort and relieving pressure points, while giving you an extra layer of softness not found in any other piano bench pad on the market.

Note that a cushion made of 100% memory foam would compress entirely under the weight of a seated pianist--compressing to the point where you would be right against the surface of your bench, without any padded support. By layering two different foams, with the standard foam padding underneath, our design integrates just the right amount of memory foam to add an extra layer of soft padding to the already comfortable cushion.

A box-topped design cushion made of polyester fabric, with rounded edges, the cushion features piping on both the top and bottom of the cushion, along with a sewn-in zipper, allowing you to remove the foam. Three sets of tie-down strings are sewn into the cushion cover, allowing you to securely attach the cushion to your piano bench.

Durable, Water-Resistant Polyester Fabric:

As many situations would benefit from a more durable cover, we've manufactured this cushion with a thicker, higher quality polyester fabric, designed to look good in the home and also hold up to taxing environments. The material is water resistant, making it perfect for those with children who play at or around the piano, as well as for benches in churches, schools, piano practice rooms, restaurants, etc.

Zipper Makes Fabric Cover Removable:

Instead of sewing the foam permanently into the cushion, this bench pad has been designed with a zipper on the back of the cover. If your cushion ever gets dirty, you will now be able to remove the foam to clean the fabric--and if for any reason your foam gets damaged or dirty, you will be able to replace the foam, instead of having to buy a brand new cushion! Note that the zipper and zipper teeth are tucked into the added piping/material flaps so that it is covered. At both ends of the zipper opening, the seamstress has attached elastic bands, allowing the opening to stretch and preventing any tearing or stress points.


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