Piano Soundboard Cleaner and Duster

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The Jansen Piano Soundboard Cleaner is the best tool on the market for dusting underneath your piano strings. A must have for all piano owners, the dust cloth is machine washable. 36" overall length

How to use your Soundboard Cleaner/Duster:

From the rear of the piano simply slide the duster under the strings, removing the dust from the soundboard. Move to the front of the piano and continue from the keyboard side. On some model pianos, the duster will fit between the strings and the plate brace.

Easily cleans between the strings and the soundboard

The Jansen Piano Soundboard Cleaner and Duster is your answer to the age-old question: "How do I clean under the strings of my grand piano?"

Now it's simple, just assemble the duster and slip on the plush cover. You can even use the duster for other hard to reach places. When the cover gets dirty, you can just wash it in your washing machine!

 Piano Soundboard Duster

 The piano soundboard duster features a removable plush dusting cover, which comes off easy for washing. Simply unhook one side of the cover and slide off.

piano duster for soundboard under strings

The dusting cover attaches to a piece of die cut plastic, as shown above. The plastic is very pliable, allowing you to stick the cleaner between strings and hard to reach places, and have the dust cloth flatten out--covering large surface areas.


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