Jansen Dual Trucks - Move a Piano with One Person

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Jansen Dual Trucks - Piano Moving and Deliveries using only one person!

The Jansen dual truck piano moving system allows for instantaneous control at your fingertips. The perfect option for a single person to move a piano or organ. The spring-loaded plunger allows swivel wheels to be locked for one-man operation or swivel in unlocked position for two-man operation.

To use, place one one truck at each end of the piano or organ, fasten the straps and press the foot-lever at each end to raise the piano for moving. The dolly handles fold out of the way when not in use. Four 7-foot straps, which are included, are used to hold the instrument securely. Always working, easy to use, foolproof, fingertip operation with the spring-loaded swivel caster locking mechanism. Note the maximum weight capacity for this dolly is 700 lbs.

The casters (wheels) "fully retract" off the floor to allow the piano or organ to rest on its own weight. Will not skid or roll while traveling.

Angle Base Size:
23" x 5" - For Pianos and Organs
28" x 4" - For the Hammond B3 Organ

Please note that the Hammond B3 organ requires a special ange base plate, along with different size straps. If ordering for the B3, please select that option in the drop down menu under "piano type."

Free Shipping:

We are happy to offer free UPS shipping on all piano dollies and moving equipment to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote.