Plush Adjustable Piano Bench with Extra Padding

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An imported adjustable piano bench measuring 23.5" x 15.5", and adjusting in height from 19" to 22". This plush bench features extra-thick padding for additional comfort. The bench uses furniture grade vinyl, and has an attractive tufted upholstered top--which will look great in front of both upright and grand pianos. The spade leg style is the most popular selling option for piano benches. The bench is currently only offered in the high polish ebony (black) finish.

The foam on this bench is on the softer side for piano benches. If you're looking for a more firm foam padding, we recommend the Jansen artist bench.

Note that this bench is similar to our popular "pillow top" bench offered on our website, but this bench is slightly larger and has a bit more padding, along with a different upholstered top design.