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Cory High Gloss Piano Polish is specially formulated to clean and protect high gloss polyester, polyurethane and lacquer finishes in one easy step. UV shield protection helps prevent fading. Use super high gloss polish as often as desired to eliminate fingerprints, smudging and static that attracts dust. Helps restore high-gloss luster. 

  • Cleans & Protects all high-gloss finishes
  • Non-streaking
  • Anti-static
  • Eliminates fingerprints
  • Restores high-gloss luster

How To Apply Cory High-Gloss Piano Polish:

As with all finishes, the surface of the piano has to be clean before it is conditioned. Cory Products are special water base formulas designed to be safe for use on musical instruments, as well as the environment. This means that any oil base polishes or cleaners that have been applied to the surface need to be removed before the Cory products will be effective. The below tips apply regardless of the material the gloss is made of (polyester, lacquer, urethane, etc.)

  • Ensure the surface is clean of all oil-based polish, as well as dirt and dust. If your piano surface is in need of cleaning, consider using the Cory Pre-Polish Finish Cleaner, to prep and clean the piano. If you decide to use the Cory Pre-Polish, spray on the surface of the piano, cleaning with the thinner nap of the Cory Cleaner Cloth, then buff out with the reverse side of the cloth in a circular motion. If there is excessive film and residue, it may take a few times completely remove it.
  • Spray the High-Gloss Polish on the piano, and wipe dry with a clean, dry, soft cloth (Cory has microfiber cloths available). We recommend testing the polish on an inconspicuous area, to check for polish compatibility. If the surface cleans and shines easily, then proceed with apply it to the entire piano.
  • If the Cory polish streaks and resists the cloth, that means an oil and/or dirt base is still present, and it may be necessary to additionally clean the surface. The Cory Buff-Brite Buffing Compound, and be effective for these situations.
  • Avoid spraying anything on or near the strings and tuning pins.

About Cory Products:
Cory Keyboard Products are the recognized standard in piano and keyboard maintenance worldwide. The Cory design team consists of leading chemists, piano and keyboard technicians, as well as wood specialists. Our products are user friendly and safe to use on all pianos and keyboards. Our complete line of piano and keyboard accessories are specifically chosen for their quality and value. 


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