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The Jansen upright piano cover can be custom made to fit your vertical piano. The Mackintosh piano covers are meant to be lightweight  covers that are easy to install and provide a level of protection for the piano against dust, scratching, and damage from sunlight. Price is based on the height of the piano.

What is Mackintosh?:

Mackintosh is a tight weaved material, known as a "waterproof drill cloth" bonded to the soft lining. It is constructed of a 5 oz. woven poly exterior that is bonded to a 7 oz. white non woven interior. Essentially, the covers are made with two separate materials that are joined together offering excellent protection for the piano. In my own words: mackintosh fabric is somewhat like the blue jeans you're wearing right now - but with a tighter and coarser weave. Mackintosh is also not prone to snagging, making it more durable, and a better option for owners with cats.

jansen mackintosh piano cover material

Why Mackintosh as a fabric over vinyl?

Macintosh is a warmer look than vinyl, which is why it is the most popular cover type. If you viewed two identical pianos (ignoring the room and everything else), one with vinyl - the other with mackintosh, you would probably choose the mackintosh, based solely on looks.


We are happy to offer free shipping on our piano covers to the continental United States. Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote.

Upright Piano Measurement Template:

Upright pianos can differ significantly in size and shape. You can provide the below A through F measurements to us, and the seamstress can make a custom fitting upright piano cover (there is no additional cost for the custom cover). After placing the order, we'll email you for the below measurements.