Piano Finish Repair Kit Scratch Removal

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Piano Scratch Removal Kit Includes:

  • Cory High Gloss Piano Polish or Satin Sheen Polish (8oz)
  • Cory Buff-Brite -scratch remover (4oz)
  • Cory Polisher Cloth
  • Scratch Removal Touch Up Marker
  • Fill Stick Rub on Wax Pencil

This is the ultimate kit to repair scratches of any size on your piano, piano bench, or furniture. For the small scratches, use the Cory Buff-Brite with the Cory Polishing Cloth, to gently buff out the smaller scratches while cleaning your piano finish at the same time. For larger scratches, use the scratch removal touch-up marker - ideal for edge and scratch recoloring. This marker seals, stains, and finishes in one easy step. Also included is a Fill Stick rub on wax pencil, designed to help eliminate gouges and abrasions.

Finally, the piano finish repair kit comes with either an 8oz bottle of Cory High Gloss Piano Polish or Cory Satin Sheen Piano Polish, based on the finish of your piano (select which polish you would like at the drop-down menu). When you're buffing out the small scratches of your piano with the Cory Buff-Brite, for example, you will have one small area of your piano that will be clean and shiny--which will make it stand out from the rest of the piano. Complete the job, and use the Cory Piano Polish to give your entire piano that clean and polished look.

These are professional-level cleaner and finish repair products, and are great not only for your piano, but for furniture as well. Having this set around the house comes in real handy any time you need to touch up furniture, picture frames, or any other wood-based product.

Pictured above is an example of a repaired piano leg, using the scratch removal touch-up marker from the kit. As you can see, the black scratch removal marker nicely covers up the scratched wood, and blends it to where it is not even noticeable. A quick note with regards to black finishes, we often get customers purchasing this kit who first attempted to use a black permanent marker on their scratched finish. The problem with a permanent marker however, is that it is not a solid black--it has a purple tone to it, where you will notice the contrast to the black furniture. Additionally, it is a different type of marker not designed for finish repair, so it looks like blotched ink puddles on the wood.

Usage note: cleaning and buffing a piano, always go with the grain, not against it (if you go against it, when you stand back, you'll notice the circle patterns you created with the polish)

Disclaimer: This is a piano finish touch-up repair kit--obviously it is not going to look 100% brand new when you do it (you would have to refinish your entire piano to get that). The idea is to cover the defects, and make them not as noticeable/obvious.

Cory Satin Sheen Piano Polish - Cleaner and Conditioner:

Satin Sheen helps maintain satin finishes easily. Use Satin Sheen to remove fingerprints, smudges and grime. Works on poly as well as lacquer finishes. Use regularly to reduce static and protect against fingerprints and oils. For best results, spray on cloth then apply to finish, rubbing in direction of grain evenly.

Buff Brite (Scratch Remover):

Buff-Brite is a high tech, water base buffing compound that gently removes scratches and cleans high performance finishes. Especially formulated to clean and buff polyurethane, lacquer, brass, nickel, silver, etc. Buff-Brite works easily on guitars, drums, cymbals, band instruments, high gloss and satin ebony pianos, synthesizers, instrument hardware, and tarnished name decals. Buff-Brite cleans without leaving a greasy film. Excellent for deep cleaning fingerprint oils from poly and lacquer satin ebony finishes.

Microfiber Polishing cloth:

A soft, thick weave, non-treated flannel cloth for application and final shining of all Cory polishers and cleaners. Machine washable. Becomes more absorbent after each washing. Comes in protective, reusable pouch.

Scratch Remover Touch-Up Marker (Black):

These valve type markers seal, stain and finish in one easy step. Ideal for edge and scratch recoloring. Touch Up Markers are available in many of the most popular shades and can be applied over wood fills, "rub throughs" or worn edges to create an invisible repair. Touch Up Markers may be used with all types of finishes without worry. As it permanently stains wood, it refinishes worn-out spots and scratches--dries instantly.

Fill Stick Rub on Wax Pencil:

A rub-on putty and wax pencil that fixes and eliminates scars, scratches, gouges, and abrasions on furniture, picture frames, leather, plastics, and paneling.

About Cory:

Manufactured in the United States, Cory Piano Products are the recognized standard in piano and keyboard maintenance worldwide. The Cory design team consists of leading chemists, piano and keyboard technicians, as well as wood specialists. Our products are user-friendly and safe to use on all pianos and keyboards. Our complete line of piano and keyboard accessories are specifically chosen for their quality and value.


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