How to Move a Piano - A Guide to Piano Dollies

Below is our guide on how to move an upright piano and grand piano, with help choosing the piano dolly which best suits your moving needs.

How to move an upright piano:

If you're looking to move an upright piano, you will want the Jansen upright piano moving dollies, either model J4009 or J4010. Simple and quick to use, these dollies are sold in sets of two, and makes it easy to roll your piano anywhere. The J4009 model is what is needed for most situations. The J4010 is larger and more heavy duty, and is what you'd want if you have a particularly large and heavy upright piano (this can be the case especially with some of the older vertical pianos). For example, the J4009 has 2.5 inch wheels, whereas the J4010 has 5 inch wheels.

moving upright piano with jansen dolly

How to move a grand piano:

We offer three dolly options for moving a grand piano, with each dolly designed to be used in certain situations. Below highlights where each dolly should be used:

Showroom Piano Dolly J-4025

These dollies are designed for use in piano refurnishing shops or showroom, where experienced movers can transport a piano quickly over a short distance. These are not designed for churches, schools, home use, etc. An advantage is that you do not have to take the wheels off of your piano, you just put the casters in the bowl shaped dolly. The disadvantage is safety. Moving the piano over heavy carpet for instance, would be issue for concern, as a snagging in the carpet could possibly lead to the piano wheels rolling off the dolly. In general, this should be used by professionals with experience moving.

Jansen Grand Piano Dollies (Spider Dolly):

The Jansen grand piano dolly is the safest option for moving your piano, especially over long distances, thick carpet or when using non-professional movers. The three brackets which connect the grand piano legs together, prevents any possibility of a leg getting caught and falling off while moving (something that could happen with just individual single leg dollies, damaging the piano and the individual). It is what is recommended for churches, schools, universities, home use etc. The piano can permanently stay on the spider dolly, allowing for frequent and easy movement long distances--making it great for concert halls and schools.


grand piano dolly Jansen

Jansen Grand Piano Leg Dollies - Set of 3

These individual piano leg dollies attach to each piano leg, taking the place of your piano wheels. They are designed for smaller grands, and should not be used on pianos over 6'2" or when moving the piano across carpet. This dolly is ideal for moving the piano infrequently and over short distances (moving the piano to clean underneath it for example). It has a spring mounted spindle to allow for movement over rugs or high spots.


jansen round piano leg dolly

How to move a digital piano or clavinova:

For upright digital pianos, you want the Jansen Fully Adjustable Digital Dolly J-4004. Fully adjustable, some digital uprights do need a deeper center plate for support, so please provide us the make and model of your piano.

For digital grand pianos, the correct choice is the Jansen 4003 digital grand piano dolly. Also used with certain clavinova pianos. To use this dolly, you remove the wheels from your digital piano, and then set it on the dolly.